Wanted LAPD or LA Spec Arjent, Other Equipment for 2010 Crown Victoria Restoration


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Apr 17, 2014
New Jersey
Hello, I am looking for the following items to restore an original LAPD Crown Victoria. I will also consider any lights that are similar in spec but not original LAPD.

1- Federal Signal Arjent S2 - Red/Blue with amber SignalMaster
2- Federal Signal SmartSiren SM SS2000-LAPD
3- Federal Signal Serial Interface Module LAPD
4- Federal Signal Corner light kit red/blue
5- Coban Dash Camera system
6- Havis LAPD console
7- anything else in the photos I am missing, including the various antennas I haven’t identified yet and the console plates.




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May 7, 2010
Northwest Ohio
Okay thanks, if you have one let me know I’d be interested.
Essentially the bottom of a vista.... like "maybe this bar will be less awful if we cut the useless top off" concept. You can swap modules on them though so there is that.
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Lux Ferous

Feb 24, 2012
Chicago, Illinois
Hello, are you still looking for the Federal Signal Arjent, I have two available however not in LAPD spec. I have 2 Arjent SL in red/blue set up, equipped with halogen takedown and alley lights. Independent front and rear activation for LED'S. No amber SignalMaster, they are in mint condition. The lenses & top covers were cleaned and polished with no cracks or chips with general signs of use. Everything has been fully tested and in working order. Also I have a few Serial Interface Modules, they are in working order but I don’t know if they are set up for LAPD spec. Although yes these lightbars are a pain to box up and ship. Please let me know.

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