LEDOutfitters UV60 or Star/SVP ULB42?


Sep 17, 2010
Charleston, SC
I am looking for an interior light bar to try and finish off my lighting installation of my POV. I have a VW GTI so clearances are a major concern since there isn't a whole lot of room at the top of my windshield. I am stuck in my decision between these two bars. LEDOutfitters UV60 or Star/SVP ULB42 270 LED.

May 22, 2010
Central WV
I would so with the Star/SVP light personally just because it is a name brand unit. You will be happier with how it holds up in the long run. Having said that , it is Gen I and will wash out during the day and not have the best off axis lighting.

Have you considered a Sound Off Interior Pinnacle? It is the thinnest interior lightbar on the market, that I'm aware of.


It is all Gen III LED and is avaliable with or without takedowns. They are more expensive than the ones you are looking at, but most would agree well worth it.

Also, there is the Gen III Starburst Phantom from Star/SVP as well which I believe is comparably priced to the Interior Pinnacle.

STT Installer

May 28, 2010
Very few people here have even the slightest shred of respect for LEDOutfitters - buyer beware...

Gen 1 stuff is pretty hit or miss for day time and off axis warning... Pinnacle interior bar rocks but is a bit pricer but is serious primary warning power. Other items you might consider are the Whelen Inner Edge, Axixtech Stealth Visor SV56 (the actual product the LEDOutfitters' supplier modeled their knock off on), Federal Signal Solaris ILS and Code 3 Supervisor.

If you're spending the $$$ on an interior bar, either break down and eat Ramon noodles for a month and buy the real deal or wait a couple months and save up the extra money to buy a Top Shelf solution...

Time after time, if you've watched this board long enough, folks will start out small and eventually sell whatever equipment they start with (a la Gen 1 or Knock Offs like LEDOutfitters) to buy the product they probably should have waited to buy to begin with :)

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