Lever Nuts instead of crimps


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Has anyone ever used the Wago 221 level nut connectors for an install? It seems like they would make a good replacement for butt splices or similar inside of a center console or other area inside a vehicle where they would not be exposed to moisture. They are designed to replace wire nuts for AC wiring in residential and commercial electrical and obviously there's no place for wire nuts in a professional vehicle upfit but these are a completely different design/concept.



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Ive been using Wago's for years. They work great. The ones I've been using are the earlier version (larger gray) ones. Im sold on them.


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I did a Sapphire install with them. I'm no pro but they seem great for interior use. If you want some extra insurance a wrap of tape around the wires were they enter the nut and around the levers and its golden.

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