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Liberty Parts: LR11 Takedowns with center LIN6 option and 2 LR11 Alleys

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I have 4 lights total out of a Liberty SX with DOM of 2011. They are all in great working order. Sold in pairs only.

2 - LR11 TDs that are meant for a center LIN6 to be mounted in between them, but in theory seems like you can move them into whatever position you want bc together they are the size of 1 500 series (LIN6 not included)

2 - LR11 ALs with mounting brakets

$67.50 shipped for 1 pair or $135 for all 4 to lower 48.
20180111_231705.jpg 20180111_231651.jpg 20180111_230448.jpg 20180111_230438.jpg 20180111_225529.jpg
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PM sent, Jordan :)
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