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Found these through Gov Deals... You Will Have to be Near them to Get Them ( They Dont Package and Send, you have to go get them if you win them! ) Here We Go..

6 Whelen Liberty Light Bars sold in as is condition. All light bars have been removed from service and were known to be functioning.

Seller Name: Palisades Park Borough, NJ

Lot of Light Bars and Sirens
2 Skids of Light Bars
1 Skid of misc items. Includes: sirens, alley light parts, radios.

Seller Name: Chicago, IL

Whelen Liberty Lightbars only 8ea. Sold as a whole Lot “as is”. It is known that these lightbars were in working order when removed from service, but overall condition of the units are unknown. The following is an item list of what is included: 7 ea. Whelen Liberty Cantrol model #SB8BDER duel colored; Lightbar colors are drivers side and front red/white, drivers side and rear red/amber, front centers white, passenger side and front blue/white, passenger rear blue/amber. 1 ea. Whelen Liberty serial model # unknown, same color as above – not duel lighting.

Seller Name: State of Iowa
Large lot of assorted emergency vehicle equipment including Federal Signal PA-300 siren controls, lighting control boxes, Whelen strobe power packs, LED lights (blue) with controllers, LED dash lights (blue), strobe dash lights (blue), and miscellaneous wiring.

Seller Name: Woodfin, NC

Three (3) Whelen Ultra Edge 9000 Series light bars with traffic advisors.

Seller Name: Hightstown Borough, NJ

One (1) Whelen Edge 9000 bar light with red and white lights. Two (2) boxes of assorted emergency vehicle lights. Used, fair condition.

Seller Name: Spotsylvania County, VA

3 PAIR Code 3 LED strobe lights on vehicle mounts Red/Blue

Seller Name: Clyde, OH

Lot of Whelen Light bars
2 mini bars
27 SE8RRBB model
2 older Edge 9000 model

Seller Name: Goochland County, VA

There is one Whelen strobe power supply and 6 bulbs, no wire. One amber arrow stick, one set of blue and red LED 3 light lights, and 2 red and 2 blue rear LED flashers on a mounting bar.

Seller Name: Green Springs Village, OH

Assorted Whelen strobe power supply. Model #UPS-64LX. Used, fair condition.

Seller Name: Spotsylvania County, VA

Whelen Sps660a SPS 660 Strobe Power Supply 60 Watts

Seller Name: Clyde, OH

1 PAIR LED strobe lights on mounts 1 Red/1 Blue

Seller Name: Clyde, OH

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