LIN4 placement. Ideas?


May 26, 2010
New York & Florida
tcfd823 said:

Alright guys, you're opinions are requested. Where would you put 4 r/a LIN4s??????

what else (if anything) do you already have installed, or would it just be the 4 lin4's to be installed on your truck?

any specific areas of the truck? (are you looking to just add side warning to whatever you may already have? do you want to put these lights to the front only? install the lights to the front and rear? etc.)


May 21, 2010
Sorry for being vague... I've got a patriot for my 360, an svp phantom ILB, wig wags, and LAWs to the front, 2 red TIR3s to the rear as well as LAWS.. So yeah, primarily side warning.

Fast LT1

New Member
May 24, 2010
Sedgwick County, KS
I would mount one on the front bumper facing the side and one on the rear (if it will actually throw light to the side not the corner direction because i believe the bumpers are curved). Or i would get L brackets and mount two on each side of the top bed rail one at the front and one at the back.


May 26, 2010
New York & Florida
i'd move a pair of the r/a lin4's to the rear and swap them out with the red tir3's, which i would mount up front on the side for intersection warning (on top of the bumper and below the quarter panel, i believe there is enough space to fit the tir3/lin3-size lightheads there).

as for the 2nd pair, i'd see if i could sell/trade them and buy a pair of red ghosts to mount under the mirrors (yeah, u could prob. mount the lin4's on the mirrors, but i personally think it'd look a LOT cleaner if u saved up and swapped them out for ghosts to put there)

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