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When I've listed the items for sale the first part I fill out are questions about product, what will I take for pay ect. But none of this is being shown to the people viewing the products this I'm getting question asked about what type payment? Why doesn't the information I fill out show up anywhere in the listing? Also when they do choose to make the payment it only allows them to purchase 1 of the products, if I have more than 1 offered on the same listing they need to do multiple purchases on PP?

Tony P

Support Staff
Hi @CD3, let me try and breakdown what I understand to be two separate issues you are having.

1. The information about what type of payment or your "terms and conditions" are showing up in the proper area. For example, on your Sprinter Siren listing if someone is to click the header "Terms and Conditions" they see that you input the following: PayPal preferred, I will also accept cc (except American Express) but will need to add 3.5% since cc companies take this off the top. I will also take company or personal checks, but I will ship product with the check clears the bank.

2. Are you properly setting the quantity to display more than one item when you set up the listing? If so, the buyer may be missing the spot to up the quantity or their could be an issue with that feature in the background that I can have Jimmy look into.

If either of those aren't what you're talking about, please try and clarify further.

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