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LANCASTER, S.C. A volunteer firefighter with the Lancaster County Fire Service died after participating in fire training activities Monday.

Lt. Dillon C. Denton, 64, of the Charlotte Road/Van Wyck Fire Department died Tuesday after being diagnosed with a brain aneurysm, said Stephen Blackwelder, Lancaster County Fire Marshal.

Denton had participated in fire hose loading activities when he informed other firefighters he wasn't feeling well around 8 p.m. Monday.

He began to feel worse and Lancaster County paramedics evaluated his condition and called for a helicopter to take Denton to Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte.

He died early Tuesday, Blackwelder said.

Denton had about 30 years of experience in fire service, and had been volunteering in Lancaster County for the past two years, Blackwelder said.

"He worked at the Bowater Corporation on the fire brigade for a number of years," Blackwelder said. "After he retired, he still wanted to do that kind of work, so he volunteered with the Van Wyck department in his retirement."

Denton's death is considered a line-of-duty medical death, he said.

Denton was an active member of Van Wyck Presbyterian Church where he served as an elder. He sang in the choir and taught young adults Sunday school. He served his country in the Army National Guard.
RIP brother! You served your community well for many years.


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Senseless. I hope that POS that hit gets his @$$ locked up for the rest of his life. RIP

Fast LT1

Thats bullshit, i hope they fry that fucker! RIP!


A very sad day in Chicago, CFD responded for a fire in an abandoned building flat roof in the front and heavy timber truss roof in the rear and they were searching for some homeless persons in the building when the rear roof and wall came down.

16 total persons were injured 10 critical and of those 10, 1 FF and 1 LT have given their ultimate sacrifice.


Unfortunately 100 years ago today was the tragic Stockyards fire where I believe 21 FF were killed when a wall came down on them. Other than 9-11 that was the most FF's lost in a single incident in history.


Pondfly, you beat me to it.

Very sad. Question that still runs through my mind, why were they inside if it was vacant, regardless if they were concerned for homeless. According to the news that aired earlier, there was visible fire upon arrival, which I would of just went defensive seeing as the it was a brick structure, wood frame truss system which leads me to believe it would be a fast collapse unless you were able to get ahead of the fire; which upon their arrival it was ahead of them.

Thoughts, prayers, and condolences to the families and the Chicago Fire Department!
It's never a good time for this type of tragedy, but having it occur so near to Christmas makes it especially difficult. Condolences and prayers to the families who lost their loved ones and to the familes of the injured.


It always seems that these things are always avoidable. ...... Rest in peace!!!!!!!
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From what I heard, fire in the back, nothing in front. They went in to the front where it was flat to search and who knows what it was like inside to really say what it was like inside to make that determination. It was an inside wall mostlikely the dividing wall from the front to the back and if the truss let loose the wall would have gone in.

I'm still trying to hear if anyone I know was hurt on the fire.

They will always search unless it is a completely defensive fire as they have had a couple fires bite them on the rear end.


And I will be flying my firefighter mourning flag at half staff in memory of these two brothers that lost their life this morning.


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Reminds me too much of Worchester, Mass fire in the vacant warehouse, which killed 6 firefighters.


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The problem is these property owners who refuse to spend the money to properly secure or demolish vacant buildings. If vagrants couldn't get in, they wouldn't be a life hazard and they could be fought defensively!!!
TNFF412N said:
It always seems that these things are always avoidable. I have a feeling in the near future they are going to make it Defense only for most fires. I hate seeing Firemen die for no real reason. How many times do you see this, They say someone was home or inside. We all know good and damn well that if they were inside they are not alive. Now this isnt for all cases but you pull up and they say homeless are inside, you do your best to look for them but 20 firemen inside at once what the hell were they thinking and how many homeless did they think were inside...... Rest in peace!!!!!!!
Before you armchair quarterback the fire. The fire was under control and they were looking for hotspots. Squatters have been breaking into this building for weeks from the neigbors reports. How else would a fire start in a empty building with no power unless it was started by accident or intentionally. So before passing judgement or making assumption its best to not to and just let these brothers rest in peace.

Like has already been said, it is always tough to swallow something like this near Christmas. I was actually listening to this live on radioreference this morning when I heard the mayday. I simply turned the computer off, got up from the desk and went into my bedroom and sat there in total silence for about 10 minutes.

I have heard many of the maydays and such after the fact when the recordings are released, but have never heard it live over the radio like this.

My thoughts and prayers go out to each any every emergency responder out there, especially to the families, loved ones and co-workers of the CFD members. May each and every one of you be blessed by God and receive comfort during these trying times.

My heartfelt thanks also go out to each and every emergency responder out there, especially all of you here on ELB. I have been a firefighter for over 18 years now, and as a Deputy Chief for the last 5 of those, we may not tell you "thank you" or "great job, you deserve some recognition", but the commanding officers really do appreciate the sacrifices you make each and every day, even if they act like a total jerk to you.

Like my grandfather once said, "You never know when your number will come up and it will be your turn to lay down your life for another, however when that time does come, you can rest assured that your friends and loved ones will be very proud of you for what you have done, and they will be taken care of, regardless of the circumstances". When I was a little kid, I always thought my grandfather was a crazy old man, but being on both ends of situations like this, what he said to me always comes up in my mind, and it still makes me tear up just thinking about it.


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Sad stuff.

I don't think I'll armchair quarterback. We'll hear enough details down the road, now is the time for mourning.


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There's never a "good" time to have a LODD, but right before Christmas is especially rough.

RIP brothers. May we all learn something from this so that we can be that much safer.


In less than 8 hours after the line of duty deaths of Chicago firefighters Edward Stringer and Corey Ankum, a North Carolina-based company called Phoenix Graphics Online, which describes itself as "The largest Manufacturer of Emergency Service related decals & stickers in the Industry" is selling two different designs of 12-22-10 memorial stickers on their website for $1.99-$8.99 each and on eBay for $4.25 each.

Please contact them by e-mail or by phone at (704) 830-7951 to express your disgust at their opportunistic business practices and to demand that, at the very least, all proceeds from the sale of these stickers go to the Stringer and Ankum families. Also, please forward this page to everyone you know in the fire, EMS and police services.


FYI Local 2 is coming out shortly with memorial stickers for the fallen that will help the families.

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pondfly said:
In less than 8 hours after the line of duty deaths of Chicago firefighters Edward Stringer and Corey Ankum, a North Carolina-based company called Phoenix Graphics Online, which describes itself as "The largest Manufacturer of Emergency Service related decals & stickers in the Industry" is selling two different designs of 12-22-10 memorial stickers on their website for $1.99-$8.99 each and on eBay for $4.25 each.

Please contact them by e-mail or by phone at (704) 830-7951 to express your disgust at their opportunistic business practices and to demand that, at the very least, all proceeds from the sale of these stickers go to the Stringer and Ankum families. Also, please forward this page to everyone you know in the fire, EMS and police services.


Right, those of us who have found this site, and these decals, have worked hard to make public that nothing from the sales of their decals has been promised to either family of our fallen brothers.


SANDOWN, N.H. -- The state fire marshal has been called to Sandown to investigate the death of a firefighter who fell in the line of duty.

State Fire Marshal Bill Degnan said Harold Frey, 46, died during ice rescue training on the Exeter River off of Philips Road. Investigators said Frey suffered a heart attack just before noon Sunday.

Officials said the crews were picking up to go home when an accident happened on the ice.

Witnesses said Frey had just gotten out of the water when he began to exhibit symptoms of not being able to breathe. He collapsed and crews were unable to revive him.

Frey had been a longtime firefighter but has only been with the Sandown Fire Department for a few months.
Members were operating at a 4th alarm garden style apartment fire when after making several grabs a squadman from Lutherville VFD was making another grab on the 3rd floor when the roof came in on him. FF was rescued by other membrs on scene and transported with 50% burns in cardiac arrest upon arrival at the nearest ER.

Thoughts ad Prayers to the Lutherville VFD and Baltimore County FD.


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I'm still unclear, but it sounds like his partner off RS303 bailed out the window (2nd or 3rd floor), and 2 civilians were reportedly severely burned as well.

Also, from what I gather, he was rescued by the RIT after declaring a mayday.


From BillyG's Secret List http://www.firefighterclosecalls.com/news/fullstory/newsid/126909

Thursday, January 20, 2011 Lutherville Volunteer Firefighter Mark Falkenhan, who had retired from the county’s career fire department to pursue a career in the U.S. Secret Service, died in the Line of Duty last night while fighting a fire in Hillendale. Mark Falkenhan, 43, was a husband and father of two young kids. He was a volunteer at the Lutherville Volunteer Fire Company, on Bellona Avenue, where he served even after leaving the Baltimore County (career) Fire Department to pursue a career in the Secret Service.

Firefighters from county fire stations in White Marsh and Cockeysville, and volunteers from the Lutherville, Providence, Long Green, Rockaway Beach volunteer fire companies, and others, responded Wednesday to a 6:18 p.m. call about a kitchen fire at 30 Dowling Circle, part of the Towson Crossing Apartments, just north of Deanwood Avenue and about a quarter-mile east of Loch Raven Boulevard. The kitchen fire was quickly upgraded to a rescue operation and a four-alarm fire.

In addition to the loss of FF Falkenhan, some 30 people were displaced and two civilians were injured very seriously. At first, the fire was too intense even for firefighters to enter, but eventually firefighters made two rescues. While on an upper-floor apartment, where Firefighters were fighting the fire, reports are that it flashed over-ene firefighter escaped successfully but FF Falkenhan did not.
The United States Fire Administration (USFA) has received notice of the following firefighter fatality:

Name: David Eason

Rank: Firefighter Recruit

Age: 38

Gender: Male

Status: Firefighter Recruit

Years of Service: N/A

Date of Incident: 01/26/11

Time of Incident: 1545hrs

Date of Death: 01/26/11

Fire Department: West Memphis Fire Department

Address: 200 N 7TH ST, West Memphis, AR 72301

Fire Department Chief: Wayne Gately

Fire Department POC: Wayne Gately

Fire Department Website: http://www.westmemphisfire.com/

Incident Description: During a training exercise at the Arkansas Fire Academy in East Camden, Arkansas, Firefighter Recruit Eason went into cardiac arrest while performing a hose trace evolution. Paramedics were on-site and immediately performed CPR and advanced life support. However, Firefighter Recruit Eason passed away at the hospital approximately 30 minutes later. Cause of death is under investigation.

Incident Location: Arkansas Fire Academy, East Camden, AR

Funeral Arrangements: Pending

Memorial Fund Contact and Address: Pending

Tribute is being paid to Firefighter Recruit Eason at http://www.usfa.dhs.gov/fireservice/fatalities/

To date, 12 firefighter fatalities have been reported to USFA in 2011; ten from incidents that occurred in 2011 and two from a previous year’s incident. Year-to-date monthly and annual USFA firefighter fatality reports are posted online @ http://www.usfa.dhs.gov/fireservice/fatalities/statistics/ff_stats.shtm


I just attended the Lutherville LODD funeral on monday in Baltimore County. Very sad, RIP Mike Falkenhan. My deepest sympathies to the Lutherville Volunteer Fire Company. We traveled all the way from Valley Forge, PA to Towson, MD to pay our respects. RIP from the Valley Forge Volunteer Fire Company.
While this in not a LODD i do believe he has earned his right to be posted here!

On March 12, 1925, in Denison, Texas, Jodie, Sr. and Julia Maise gave birth to a baby boy and named him Jodie W. Harbert, Jr.

The family moved to Ennis and once there he began to grow and find his purpose. As a young child he would hear the sirens and ride his bike to fires and really wanted to help. After graduating from Ennis Schools, he attended Prairie View A&M University. When he returned home he found his purpose in life and that was becoming a firefighter. Jodie accepted Christ his savior at an early age and was a lifelong member of the Bethlehem Baptist Church in Ennis. He worked for Ennis Business Forms and Jones Funeral Home in Ennis, but when the alarms sounded he would leave Ennis Business Forms and go to the fire call.

Jodie expressed many times that firefighting was not a job, but a calling and once bitten, it was in your blood for life. He retired from Ennis Business Forms after 44 years but remained an active firefighter for more than 60 years. He started his fire career at the Ennis Fire Department and was a lifelong member but his passion to help others would drive him to support other fire departments anytime they were in need.

He kept his bunker gear in his vehicle at all times to be ready to respond wherever the call. Jodie could be seen helping in the community whether it was directing traffic at funerals, providing escort, mowing grass at the local cemeteries or vacant lots to make his community a nicer place to call home.

Mr. Harbert received many awards for his community service and he appreciated each one including his most cherished, the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Ennis Fire Department in 1996 for more than 50 years of service As he got older he was not able to give as much as before but he remained tuned in to what was going on in his community with his radio scanner and listened to every call and what was happening at the scene.

Jodie gave us his love and happiness and on February 10, 2011, God said “well done good servant. It is time to depart this life and come to me.”

Jodie’s wife, Edwinna E. Harbert, a pillar in the community, preceded him in death in 2000. He is survived by his son Jodie Harbert, III and daughter in law Denise Harbert of Flower Mound and a host of friends, and all members of the Ennis Fire Department. In addition he considered every firefighter he ever met or worked with as part of his family.

Visitation will be held Wed Feb 16, 2011 6 p.m. – 8 p.m. Bethlehem Church 606 Loggins in Ennis.

Funeral services will be held Thurs Feb 17, 2011 at 11 a.m. at Tabernacle Church, 1200 Country Club in Ennis.

Interment will be held at Carver Memorial Park I-45 just east on Malloy Bridge Rd. in Ferris.

EVERYONE is invited to the Funeral including ALL North Texas Fire Departments and friends.

There is plenty of space for emergency vehicles and any department can participate in the funeral procession to the Cemetery with their fire trucks if desired.

In lieu of flowers the family is requesting donations be made to the Texas Line of Duty Response Team. http://www.texasfallenfirefighter.com/



St. Louis County, Missouri - (KSDK) An Emergency Medical Technician with the Northeast Fire Protection District has died after collapsing on the job March 3.

Scherese Bishop was administering CPR when she suffered a medical emergency of her own. Emergency workers said Bishop collapsed and had no pulse as co-workers attempted to resuscitate her and the man she was originally helping at the same time.

Bishop died Friday, March 11. Funeral arrangements are pending

EMT dies after collapsing on the job | ksdk.com
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