looking for lighting ideas

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May 21, 2010
ok i have a 2006 f150 looking for ideas for my truck

looking for ideas for "possible" rear/grill/ lighting ,looking to poss not re-install my lightbar but looking for something so i am more visible just getting out of my development otherwise i normally keep my light off

NPS Ranger

May 21, 2010
Penn's Woods
TCO said:
looking for ideas for rear/grill/side lighting

Just so you know, rear/grill/side lighting is illegal for blue lighters in PA under the new law enacted in 2007:

http://www.pacode.com/secure/data/067/c ... 73toc.html

You can have a maximum of two flashing or revolving blue lights, or a lightbar assembly utilizing only blue lights. "One or more of these lights shall be mounted to provide visibility to vehicles approaching from any direction (360° visibility), regardless of the method of mounting."

You can have lights installed as follows:

(A) On a cab, cab protector or roof of the vehicle.

( B) No more than 18 inches above the highest fixed point of the vehicle.

© On the front or rear of the bed or body of an authorized vehicle.

(D) On the tailgate of an authorized vehicle.

(E) In a location other than as set forth in clauses (A)—(D) as needed to comply with the 360° requirement.

(ii) The installation or use of additional flashing or strobe lights in existing vehicular lighting modules/assemblies, such as headlights, parking lights, taillights, is expressly prohibited.

Blue lighters CANNOT install in the following locations, which are reserved for emergency vehicles (red lights):

(iii) Behind, in front of, or on the grille of emergency vehicles.

(iv) With respect to fender intersection lights, close to the front upper edge of each front fender of an emergency vehicle and not protruding more than 2 inches from the fender.

Blue lighters also CANNOT install in the following locations which are reserved for police/sheriff vehicles:

(iv) Inside the passenger compartment, clearly visible through the front windshield.

(v) Inside the passenger compartment, clearly visible through the rear window.

(vi) In or on the trunk lid.

(vii) Inside of existing vehicular lighting modules/assemblies, such as headlights, parking lights, taillights (not including reverse lights).

(viii) With respect to flashing lights only, within the nondriver’s compartment-side window.

Hope this is helpful. Yes I know people break the law all the time. Link to vehicle code provided above.
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