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Just saying that maddux31 also had a negative deal with me.
Not trying to hijack the thread, but I have another negative dealing with him.
I had an original deal with him for the following:

Whelen 8 strobe 180 watt system for $100 shipped including
Power supply
8 bulbs
8 cables

it took almost 2 weeks to ship. and when it arrived it wast even the correct items that we agreed on, instead it what arrived was:
X2 whelen csp660s
X1 whelen csp690
Assortment of wires
10 strobes.

Gave him the benefit of the doubt to fix the issue, contacted him once week for the past 2 months and still no resolution...I gave up on expecting the correct items....I assume these power supplies and bulbs work, as i haven't used them yet as I was waiting for the correct 180 watt unit to show up...Assuming they all work, I dont think it's to bad, but I paid for something and did not get the correct equipment....lesson learned for me.

I have emails to provide as well as all communications were done through elightbars.



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There have been several disputes with him and he's been banned. If you want a resolution likely have to get PayPal involved to refund you.

Best of luck,

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