Mars lightbars?

May 24, 2010
Albany, Kentucky
Can someone tell me about the Mars lightbars? I have a friend who says he has one red/blue about 55 inches long. What is that thing worth if it works? Anyone know what they are selling for? couldn't find one on ebay now so I'm just searching for clues, thanks if anyone can help.


May 16, 2010
Probably a MARS Spectrasystem.

Jul 14, 2010
S.W. Ohio USA
They are completely worthless....... Wanna sell it? LOL. They are worth quite a bit if in good condition. Post a pic and I can tell you more. They were based in Chicago, so they were HUGE with Chicago police and fire. All those Chicago police cars in the famous chase scene in the Blues Brothers movie were Mars bars. The founder was a Chicago fireman, who had financial backing from Frank Mars, of M&M Mars Candies. The fireman was grateful, and named his company Mars. They also make the famous 888 light.


May 22, 2010
Norrköping, Sweden
crescentstar69 said:
They were based in Chicago, so they were HUGE with Chicago police and fire.

They where located in Chicago to early '70s when they moved to Naples, Florida.

When the company was sold to Tri-Lite in 1988 they moved back to Chicago.

The real Spectrasystems was made by Mars when they was Mars and located in Florida.

The Spectrasystems made by Tri-Lite was not so advanced as the Mars ones.

It is depending if your friends Spectrasystem is a standard bar for the civil market or one of the bars made for the US Army.

If it is a US Army bar it has plastic lamp holders and I will not say that it is worth as much as if it is a normal bar.

Then it depends what options it has internally, like 888's, lampheads with three sealed beams and flashers as the most advanced version had or only lampheads with two sealed beams and mirrors.

The bar is not common.
May 24, 2010
Albany, Kentucky
Thanks for the info, it will be acouple of weeks before I can get out to see the bar so I don't know for sure what he has found, i'd like to pick it up to use or just keep they look pretty cool, just didn't know what they were worth, I don't want to offer him $100 if it's only worth $50 and I also don't want to hurt his feelings if it's worth $250, I have no idea so that is why I was asking, good info guys thanks so much!


May 7, 2010
Northwest Ohio
They go for $200-$300 unless there are 888 lights in it.


May 23, 2010
Fort Worth, TX
If it is the military model, I want it for my M1009 Blazer. Right now I have a classic style AeroDynic with the synchronized gears, but the MARS Spectra is what the military used and would be more authentic on my blazer.

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