Matrix system programming?

Good afternoon!!

I have a Police customer who just received a new PIU with the Z3 controller and a matrix bar (not sure which model yet).

officer is looking to change controller function setup, easy enough with the Z3 software. He is also looking to change the patterns on the lightbar but i have not worked with a matrix bar or a modern code 3 bar with the cat5 cable.

how do i change the flash patterns on the lightbar without the Matrix program? from what i understand you have to be a code 3 dealer to have access to said program ( CANTROL style).

any help would be greatly appreciated, want to be as versed on this product as i can be before i touch the vehicle.


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From my limited time playing with the system and talking to a dealer at a trade show about it, you have to have the Matrix program to change programming. Maybe Code 3 will send it to you if you contact support and explain you are working with a customer who has the system.

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thanks!! they sent me the z3 program but not the matrix program, ill try tech support, they have been great in the past. i might not have been clear on my original request for the software


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They may send you a link to download it, but unless you can connect to the devices, the software won't load, and then you will have to write the Matrix program from scratch because you can't download the program that's already loaded in the Matrix.

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