Minitor V Issue


May 27, 2010
North FL
First off, I just want to say hello to everyone on here. Even though I joined a little over a month ago, this is my first actual post on the boards. I joined my VFD last winter, and I have been a responding member for a little over two months now. I'm still learning something new on every call I run. Anyways, on with my question....

My Minitor V seems to have an issue when it's set to "A" (selective call frequency w/alert tone). After the tone and after dispatch finishes reading out the call, my pager will immediately start up with a loud static/squelch noise. If dispatch or any responding units keys up I can hear that, but then the static/squelch starts up again right afterwards. To make it totally stop I have to switch the pager to "B", then back to "A". At this point, the noise will have stopped and the call can be played back if needed. During the day this isn't too big of a deal, but this can get REAL annoying if it goes off while I'm sleeping or while I'm away from it for a moment :? . This may be a programming issue, but I have no idea how to fix that (nor do I have the software). I was wondering if any of you guys might lend me your two cents on what the problem might be.


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May 21, 2010
NW Indiana
This is normal and expected when the pager is programmed for a reset function such as "Revert N" with a high N value, or possibly "Manual".

A reset function is used with the Stored Voice option so the pager knows when it is ok to stop recording. For instance, if the pager is programmed for reset function "Revert N" with an N of 30 seconds, and your dispatcher dispatches the whole call in 20 seconds, you can expect 10 seconds of open squelch static. If the pager is programmed for reset function "Manual" then you will have to manually switch the ABCD selector or press the reset button to stop the open squelch static.

There are other reset modes the pager can be programmed for: Automatic, Delayed N, Revert, Manual, Timeout, Revert N. Depending on the caliber of your dispatchers, you might be able to get away with either the "Automatic" or "Revert" reset functions. However, if your dispatcher drops key for any length of time between the tones and when she starts to give the dispatch, then your pager will not record anything.

Perhaps you could have the pager programmed for a reset function of "Revert N" with an N of 15 or 20 seconds. This gives the dispatcher 15 or 20 seconds after the tones are broadcast to key up and start giving the dispatch, but also leaves the potential for 15 or 20 seconds of static. In your situation, it sounds like this would be much better suited to your needs than having to walk over to the pager to reset it.


May 27, 2010
North FL
Thanks for the reply....I had no idea of any of these program settings, but your detailed response has definitely educated me a bit. There's a guy on my department who's in charge of all things radio & pager related, so I am going to pass this info on to him. Using the "Revert N" (with N=20sec) setting sounds like it would be best for me, since the dispatchers are usually on-the-ball and get most calls out in under 20 seconds. BTW, it has to be currently set to "Manual" because there's been a couple instances where it's literally recorded 5+ minutes of pure squelch :roll: Thanks again for the info.

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