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For Sale Motorola APX4000 UHF P25 with FPP

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Mustang07 submitted a new listing:

Motorola APX4000 UHF P25 with FPP - Motorola APX

Bandsplit: 380-470MHz
Flashcode: RW406S-W33690-3
1000 Channels
Host: R17.01.00
DSP: R17.01.00
Wide and Narrowband
Bluetooth option board

Radio is in pristine condition and has been well taken care of. Has tag with matching serial and model number but flashcode does not match. Last programmed with CPS 17.01.01. Radio comes with UHF/GPS antenna, Li-ion battery w/clip, accessory port cover and desktop charger. Free basic programming is available. Asking $925 shipped.
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