MPC01/BL627 value?

May 21, 2010
I have the opportunity to pick up a few complete MPC01 with BL627 units. This is not my normal equipment so I wanted to get an estimate of value either individually or as a complete set with wiring. I believe some Cencom stuff was available too if you have any info on that.

Sirens are not a wrecker thing in my area so I do not dive into that market much.
For context, see this thread:

I've purchased a few MCP01s in the past few years within a price range of $90 to $30. The $90 unit came with a promise from the seller to program it for my lightbar at the time.

I'd imagine those willing to pay the highest price would be those who recently purchased some B-LINK equipment and are in immediate need for a controller to get it working. They're likely also going to prefer a seller who can program it for them. Otherwise, I'd imagine potential buyers to be just those looking to purchase a spare unit if the price is right.

W/R/T BL627s, there were two varieties over the years. Later variants included some mechanical siren simulations. I believe they're apt to fetch a bit more of a price but not _that_ much more ($30-$100 range).

Also, my perspective is very narrow. I dig the B-LINK stuff and very much enjoyed tinkering with it.
Obviously, there are (or were) others here on ELB who know _alot_ more than I do as far as actual use in the field, and current market conditions/pricing.
they arent worth the most, however I do buy them in bulk if you get a good amount, im one of the very few who will still build bars with them and program them
I get them way under 50 ea in bulk, they are not a money maker like they used to be
As for trying to sell them, most people have no idea what they are and dont know that they aren't normal sirens or switch boxes and that they require specific programming/components, and usually ends up in a lot of returns or unhappy buyers

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