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mPower light head accessories


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I am currently trying to decide what lights I am going to put on my new to me 2004 Ford explorer. I installed a gill guard on the front of it and I want to install some light heads on it. I am currently looking at the SoundOff mPOWER Fascia 4” Perimeter Lights. If I use the stud mount version I can easily install one on each of the up rights on the guard to provide side lighting. But my problem is when I put some light facing forwards the lights have to set up above a lip. I have looked at the PMP2BKDGAJ adjustable 90 degree bracket but I can not find a measurement of how tall the bracket is to try and figure out how high it would raise the light head off of the surface it is mounted on. If anyone has some of these lights on the bracket would like to measure for me I would appreciate the information.

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