MX7000 wiring issues


Dec 14, 2023
United States
Hey gang, I finally got into the 4 mx 7000 bars I recently acquired, three 48" and one 52". On the first one I dug into, I noticed that several wires are very brittle, with one showing copper, and the bundle is very short. Obviously, it would be smart to replace the wires. I rewired my classic car, so I thought to myself would it be wise to rewire the whole bar? I know the correct gauge wire would need to be used, but has anyone done anything like that on these bars? I'm curious cause I would be replacing all of it, not just the brittle ones. I don't know if that would cause any issues in the future. Probably changing some rotator motors too.
MX bars are known to have that problem. Especially if the bar(s) were outside 24-7.

Ask around in the wanted section. You might be able to score a full wiring harness for cheaper than building your own. Or PM me, I have 30 bars in my shed with full harnesses.
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Like Sparky said, the MX bars with long term sun exposure had the crispy wire problem. Most of the ones I dug into back then were prone to that.
If Sparky can fix you up with harnesses, you'll find he's great to deal with.
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