My 2006 F150 Update.


Jun 2, 2010
East Coast of Canada
A while ago, someone posted a link on here with my 06 F150 with the customized tomar based LED bar that was installed on it. I remember some of the comments, so I was toying with the idea of posting the updated truck pics with the new customized 2100 style built out of a MX7K base. I decided to because of how proud I am of this. I welcome constructive comments.

There is also an ArrowBar from SVP.

I am extremely proud of the newer bar. I have to made some minor modifications but currently it is set up with MR11 Alley lights, and in the rear are 5mm LEDs in a A/R/A/R/R/A/R/A configuration. To the front, there is a pair of SOS LED3s in Red covering the front corners, however these will end up being replaced as I am not comfortable with the Amber coverage and will probably add a set of stacked Red over Amber TIR3s to remedy this. Across the front, there are Amber Lin6/Red 5mm/Amber 5mm/Red 5mm x 2 (center) then Amber 5mm/Red 5mm and Amber Lin6.

The control of these is identical to the other bar with each of the following being seperate. Front reds, Rear Reds, Front Amber and Rear Amber. All are controlled by their own ULF44 flasher, however, I don't have the front red flashers set up with a pattern that I am happy with so there is no pics or video of the front reds as of yet.

Old bar (front)


Old bar (rear)


New Bar (front)


New Bar (rear)


New Bar (rear2)




I hope you folks like it.


New Member
May 21, 2010
Snow Belt, Michigan
Custom 2100 looks really nice, just need some leds on the mirrors, grille

maybe some wig wags for the headlights, to bad only only chiefs and

asst chief are allowed dashlights, but thats Canada ,

Looks nice jj

Jim Rogers



Jun 2, 2010
East Coast of Canada
Actually just Nova Scotia Jim, and it is red to front that is restricted. My red to the front will be disabled for a while. I want to use the bar to show people around here how effective LEDs can be configured.


May 24, 2010
Ontario Canada
Looks amazing! I liked the tomar, but the new bar is even better :D I think a pair of LIN6's on the mirrors would look great ;)


May 23, 2010
very nice. keep comen with those pretty cool ideas and maybe you could have a pretty cool line going for yourself.


May 7, 2010
Northwest Ohio
I always like a custom build on an existing style bar. Your tomar one was a little rough but looked effective... this one looks clean and effective. Nice job.


Jun 2, 2010
East Coast of Canada
JohnMarcson said:
I always like a custom build on an existing style bar. Your tomar one was a little rough but looked effective... this one looks clean and effective. Nice job.

John.. Thanks.

I admit, the tomar one was a wee bit rough in appearance and was definately effective. I made a few mistakes that I learned when making the tomar which influenced me to make the lower profile bar. First one is my freaking big fingers and hands don't fit very easily in the workspace offered by edges and tomars especially with having to run my own wiring. I could do it if I was rebuilding it to be strobes etc, but not leds and not my own wiring. Big hands meant lots of jammed and skinned knuckles. Second thing, when doing it, I learned not to use 1/8'' thick Aluminum Plate for it. Damned too hard to work with, cut and to ensure it don't slice the wiring. I was proud of doing the tomar for it was my first ever custom bar. I am more proud of the MX7k flat top due to the fact that it turned out neat and exactly how I wanted it.

Jonny 521

I definately enjoyed making this one and who knows, if people were willing to pay for it, I wouldn't mind making them for people. I think most people probably would want Gen3 leds though, I have always loved the Gen1s but no worries, what people what, people would get.

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