My howler pulsates

Good afternoon gents. I just completed a install for my department, we got all new whelen equipment. We're running a SLSA6 whelen siren and a 100 watt howler. I should mention that we are only running 1 100 watt siren speaker also. We're switching the howler through the one of the sirens push buttons. It is programmed as a momentary switch, while it works great for about 2-3 seconds it will then start pulsating. I have double and triple checked my wiring and for the life of me cannot figure out why it pulsates. Does anyone have any insight as to why it is pulsating.
Back-probe the +12V and ground terminals at the Howler amp connector and make sure it's getting solid power while operating. If that's not the problem, it's probably going to be a factory repair.

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