Need advice on set up


May 24, 2010
Ok I am looking for some input on how to setup my car. Right now I have a Patroit lightbar that will be getting canned in a few weeks.

New equipment I have to work with is as follows:

Liberty Lightbar

2 Dual Avengers

4 TIR6's (Non waterproof) with Sho me flasher


I was thinking the TIR6s in on the rear deck and the avengers up front?

Anyone else got any ideas? Should I toss the Avengers and get some grill lights? I was thinking maybe M6s?


Fast LT1

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May 24, 2010
Sedgwick County, KS
I would mount the avengers up front, with visor brackets or headliner brackets.

Tir6's on the rear deck

maybe some linz6's on the mirrors or innerbeams would probably be cheaper. for intersection clearing.

Then i would put two grill lights on your push bumper maybe lin3's and some on the side of the push bar mounted vertically.

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May 21, 2010
USA Nashville Tennessee
I am using TIR6s on the rear deck, and that's a great place for amber alternating lights. And I would switch to LIN6. There's better punch with TIR lights.

On the Push Bar LINZ6 or TIR3 to the front and LIN3 on the side.

Intersection clearing lights could be linear lightheads on the lights at dash or visor height, or on the mirrors.


May 20, 2010
HLF/TLF are self explanatory, as is the Liberty. I would put the 2 dual avengers on the rear deck (esp if you do a lot of traffic or other things that put you on the side of the road a lot) or put one on the rear deck and one on the dash. I hate it when people have a light bar and then put lights on a headliner bracket, you don't get any benefit from the extra lights. If you are able to get some waterproof TIR's or LIN's, I would put two on the front of the PB and 2 on the side. Otherwise, I would use 2 to make home spun inner beams and put 2 more on the glass between the back door and c pillar.

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