Need help identifing these items from Sound Off.

Emergency Lights

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May 31, 2010
Aurora, Coloado
I know they are NFORCE but don't know what they go in or go too. I have many of these in dual color and others that are similar that go in a surface mount housing but these part numbers don't jive!!!!

Any help?



Jul 2, 2014
Budapest, Hungary
This is what I found in my part number list:

ENFFTSRMS6E 6 LED Replacement Module for single nFORCE® Fit, SAE Black Lexan 10-16 volt, Dual Color Blue/White
ENFFTSSMS6E nFORCE® FIT Single Surface Mount Light, SAE Class 1, 10-16v, Black Housing, 6 LED, Dual Color - Blue/White


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Feb 27, 2020
You have some nforce surface mounts and nforce fit heads very great heads I use them myself shoot me a PM if your looking to sell any :)

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