Need Help Identifying Whelen Dual Tone Siren


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This one's been puzzling me for a while now. EMS here has been using dual tone Whelens for 15+ years, but I can't figure out which model they're using. Not sure if they're currently using Carbide with the WC amp or if they're were/are using a 295SDA1. I remember years ago in the mid-late 2000s, I looked in an EMS rig and the control head for the siren looked like one for a CenCom system, but not sure if it was Gold or Red. The police were using Gold around that time and I just figured that EMS did the same as they both field high-end equipment. EMS used/uses the standard tones as well as the Simulated Mechanical with the standard tones, if that helps.

In my current position at another ER, I haven't been able to poke around the ambulance bay to see what they're using nowadays. The bays are far busier, the layout's more cluttered and my current job doesn't give me an excuse to be in the ambo bays. I've attached video links as reference.

This one's from an older rig from the mid 2000s. They don't use these rig or this siren anymore. I've never heard a Whelen wind up like this one.

Current rig. Title is wrong. It's called a Code 4 response in Ontario.

Current rig. This one's heading to my workplace. It's less than a block away from the ER. It also passed by Fire Station 1.

This rig's leaving the ER. Both ERs in this city are Base Hospitals.



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You are correct, the siren in the first video isn't a Whelen. It's an SVP SA 441 Magnum.



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I don’t have a great ear, but those sound like the 295HFSA7s on our Braun trucks. Could be the Canadian market 295HFSEh version.
Ah yes the 295HFSEh. I know that one. It has some additional tones such as: the Hockey Night in Canada Theme Song, the "Hoser" tone instead of a Piercer (it just emits "Move Ya Hosers" really quickly) and the air horn tone is just a loud "EH!".

You should see Whelen's newest Canadian system: CenCom Maple. It's quite something. The control head is red and white and has a ton of Canada-specific features, including Whelen's new "Polite Tones". There's another feature that automatically emits a tone that says "Sorry" any time another vehicle impedes, cuts off or hits any emergency vehicle using the Maple system. It also has a really cool PA feature where it gives directions to the nearest Tim Horton's.

I forgot to add that the control head can also be customized to have photos of various famous Canadians on it. IIRC, there's Don Cherry, Bret Hart, JT (Justin Trudeau to you Yanks ;) ), Rush and a number of others. There's also a tone that emits "Just watch me". It's for only use in situations where the Emergencies Act (formerly the War Measures Act) is in effect and martial law has been declared. Read up on your Canadian history to get the reference ;) .

Oh and there's CANCanTrol too. The Canadian version of CanTrol. Don't know much about it except that it's like Maple only with more features. IIRC, it has one that has a feature that automatically holds doors open for everyone and one that's specific to Newfoundland that emits "Lard tunderin'!" It's used as a manual tone. You fellas down in the US only wish you had these systems. They'll eventually make ones specific to the different regions of the US. I heard that the Upper Midwest will have a "Don'tcha know?" tone.
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We use to just have two sirens in the truck to get the same effect. Would run Wail and Yelp at the same time.


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We use to just have two sirens in the truck to get the same effect. Would run Wail and Yelp at the same time.
Did your department have any vehicles with two different siren makes/models? I'm thinking about doing the same thing with two sirens for a restoration that I'm doing, but I'm not sure if I should go with two different makes/models for a different sound or go with two of the same sirens.

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