For Sale Nest of Old School Lights

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Pete L.

Original poster
May 21, 2010
Virginia (south/central)
Selling 9 lights as one lot. Found these while going thru the tubs.
These are 4 in. diameter lights that use the single and dual bayonet base bulbs.
There are 8 Grote 9023 lenses and one blue DZ77-276 lens.
The housings are:
- (2) chrome NAPA 590 dual filament
- (2) grey NAPA 590 single filament
- (1) chrome GROTE 5065 dual filament
- (4) painted GROTE 5065 single filament

They have been tested and come with working bulbs.
I'll take $40 - FREE Shipping (US only).
Message me for payment info.

OldSchool 1.JPG

OldSchool 2.JPG OldSchool 3.JPG
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