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Found a couple of items yesterday on a hunt. Picked up two Kopp domes. One Red/Blue split and a Cobalt blue Behive domes. Haven't seen a split one before in the wild.

DSC_0001 (Small).jpeg DSC_0002 (Small).jpeg
DSC_0007 (Small).jpeg

Also picked up another Tripp-Lite QF-1, Quadraflash. It is identical to the last one I found, even down to the tags on the wire. Both in same condition and this one was in a shop about 5 miles from where I found the last one so I think they came from the same place. Both look like they have not been used. I think the tags on the wiring may have confused them and they just did not use them. There are two wires coming out. A black and a green. The green wire on both lights has a tag that says "ground this wire'. Well that is incorrect. Both wires are hot wires and the base is the ground. If you ground the green wire and make the hot black all 4 bulbs light but are dim.

20190105_131531 (Small).jpg

20190105_130716 (Small).jpg 20190105_130321 (Small).jpg 20190105_130239 (Small).jpg
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