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Hi everyone,
My name is Patrick and I am from the southwest suburbs of Chicago. I am a former police officer and a lover of vintage emergency lights.

So far in my personal collection:
Federal Signal "All-Light" StreetHawk (Red/Blue)
FedSig Standard StreetHawk (Green/Clear)
FedSig Mini Jet Stream (Red/Blue)
FedSig Vision (Red/Blue)
(Units listed are not for sale)

Pete L.

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Welcome to eLb, Patrick. You will find that this site is addictive ;):)
I love that you said that your babies aren't for sale


Tony P

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Welcome! You already have a hardy collection going. Be sure to create a thread in the vintage area to showcase it

Jarred J.

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Hi Patrick. Why dont you stand up and say something.......SIDDOWN!!

Just a friendly greeting from another old cop.

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