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Discussion in 'Visual Warning Equipment' started by pdk9, May 18, 2017.

  1. pdk9

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    Hey guys. I did a search and didn't see anybody post on this yet (my apologies if there was a post somewhere already). Whelen's new surface max is basically using the existing "hour glass" optic (ie feniex wide-lux, SOS fusion, Weldon diamondback) and stamped the W on it.

    I know it's just video, but I gotta say that I'm not impressed. Aside from copying the ghost, I think they've done a pretty good job of innovating in the past, and I was very impressed with one of their last major product line additions, the M-series, which I think is the brightest line out there. If they really wanted something with a "wow," they should've looked at the off-axis that tec-niq lights have and tried to work on an optic like that IMO. Honestly, I'm sure they'll be way pricier than the feniex equivalent, so I'd honestly go with the wide-lux if I wanted to use that type of optic
  2. Jarred J.

    Jarred J. Archive Expert Silver Level Member

    adhesive mount?
  3. EricTheNerd

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    Has anyone gotten their hands on these yet? We're specing out a new ambulance soon and I'm wondering if it's worth giving these a shot, or just paying the extra and upgrading to an M-series.
  4. pdk9

    pdk9 Veteran Member

    Honestly, these don't look too impressive IMO.
    The M-series are worth every dollar, though, BUT just make sure to have a dimming mode (ideally automatic since ppl forget to activate that kind of thing) at night b/c they're blinding bright. Also, for 2 of the rear-facing red M-series (the top level warning) i def recommend having them config as dual function (flash for warning and steady burn as additional brake lights). Thanks to the idiots in my dept's apparatus committee, our Horton Rescues are the only ones in the area that don't have that useful feature being utilized
  5. billyfromhill

    billyfromhill Registered Member

    We had the opposite problem on our ambulance. The two red M9s at window height functioned as brake lights. It was bright at night we had to have that functionality removed. The whole lighting package on this ambulance leaves something to be desired. None of the M9s on the front, sides, or back of the ambulance are synced and none have dim mode wired either.
  6. pdk9

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    That's why I recommended top level warning so that they're not directly in the line of sight of other drivers and so they can be seen from far away (esp if lower level lighting is obstructed).

    The lighting package on your Ambulance isn't any fault of Whelen or the M9's themselves; your apparatus committee didn't spec flash patterns & sync to the manufacturer or have them setup dim mode. We had a batch of Hortons where each M9 was set to scan and they looked horrible, but it was the fault of our truck committee and HQ for not specifying flash/sync (or for having it changed at the delivery inspection)
  7. coop359

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    The M9s are too bright at night. The engine or truck follow the ambulance to calls and are blinded. Dimming is a must for safety at night
  8. Rusted413

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    I agree and using them as brake lights, particularly M9's, is just way too much in my opinion - particularly in town or stop and go traffic. I understand the rational for wanting another set of brake lights but I think that spec'ing M9's or 900 series BTT's provides you with a sufficient footprint.

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