Newest Addition, Sireno Jr. about 1912-1915


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Just added my oldest siren yet to my Sireno collection. A 1912 - 1915 Sireno Junior with a short projector. These came out in 1909 with the 12 port flush cover design. It came with a long projector and a short projector. Part of the "Mile Ahead Horn", this little horn/whistle is very loud. Still hits about 112 decibels. These were not sold as sirens for alert use, they were sold as horns for ordinary vehicle use.

20181223_121209 (Small).jpg

It is just 7 inches long with the projector and has a 3-1/2" fan. At times it was advertised for motorcycle use, or for in city driving of smaller, less expensive cars.

20181223_121259 (Small).jpg

First mentioned in 1909 ads, but is is the first photo I could find so far.

1910 Sireno.jpg
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I don't know why they call that horn-shaped thing a projector. The sound comes out of the sides of a mechanical siren, not the front.o_O

Pete L.

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Maybe that "projector" acts like an air intake similar to a hood scoop,
Air goes in that and out the sides, just thinking out loud.


This is the funny thing with electro mechanical sirens, the air is sucked in at the front and thrown out at the sides by the wings in the rotor.
The ports in the stator opens and closes all the time that generates a sound (pressure) inside the siren.
The sound (pressure) is generates inside and not outside the stator.
I believe that the sound waves takes the easiest way out and that is the same way the air got in because the ports is closed half the time they are open.


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