Nice ANSI 3 Jacket?

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Dec 31, 2010
Central PA
I volunteer with search and rescue in my county, and while we have several uniform shirts, our team does not have jackets, and doesn't necessarily seem to be interested in getting them.

I'd like to get a nice ANSI class 3 jacket for my personal use, just to toss on when weather is bad and added visibility is preferable. Mind you, I have TONS of outdoor related jackets for all types of jackets, so I'm not looking for a $300 3-in-1 or "8-in-1" parka.

I'm looking for something light to medium weight that could simply be tossed on over top of one of the fleece or soft-shell jackets that I already have. I've looked around and just can't seem to find anything that I really truly like at a decent price. Furthermore it seems that most of the really nice jackets are made only in lime green, whereas since I'll be primarily in the woods, I'd like to stick with orange in hopes of maintaining compliance with hunting regulations if necessary. Finally, I'd like to avoid dropping more than $100 on this jacket, if that, $50-$75 would be AMAZING.

Am I being unrealistic in my hopes? Does anyone have a nice ANSI jacket that they got for cheap? (that's also available in orange?)
May 21, 2010
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