Odd Liberty I/O board?

May 21, 2010
Berlin, MI, 48002
I just got a B-Link Liberty bar used & switched the I/O board out along with the cable to make it an LC.

I don't remember what the I/O board came out of but it has a 05/02 build date...

Just about everything works, however, only 8 of the 10 LEDs work. I also have a standard wig-wag flasher hooked to the AUX outlet in the board...that doesn't work...& I can't seem to change the flash patterns either on the LEDs?

Any idea(s) why the 9th & 10th LEDs won't work? The LED modules themselves are good but the outlets are just "dead".

i tried a different wire harness for the LEDs - same problem...all connections are good.

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