Oddball Siren. What The Heck Is It??

Jul 14, 2010
S.W. Ohio USA
Just picked this up today in a trade deal. It obviously has a Federal Interceptor style face plate and controls, and sounds like a newer, high pitched Interceptor, but it is in a project box style enclosure. I thought it was a transplanted Federal at first, but the box actually seems a little well done for someone to have swapped the innards. I think it was some kind of kit project, similar to the old Heathkit sirens from the 70's, but it looks and sounds totally different, and has absolutely no markings. It actually sounds great, and everything works. Ever seen anything like it?kit siren 012.JPG[/attachment:2soegsbs]kit siren 013.JPG[/attachment:2soegsbs]kit siren 014.JPG[/attachment:2soegsbs]kit siren 015.JPG[/attachment:2soegsbs]kit siren 016.JPG[/attachment:2soegsbs]kit siren 010.JPG[/attachment:2soegsbs]kit siren 011.JPG[/attachment:2soegsbs]

kit siren 012.JPG

kit siren 013.JPG

kit siren 014.JPG

kit siren 015.JPG

kit siren 016.JPG

kit siren 010.JPG

kit siren 011.JPG


May 24, 2010
Houston Tx.
Looks like a PA20 or Federal Interceptor, Federal Director with no labeling I've never seen one with no labeling

looking newish like that, looks like a good siren to tinker with.


May 25, 2010
U.S.A., Virginia
The paint looks like it was applied with a brush. Maybe it was someone's home built or rebuilt unit? Or perhaps a Chinese knock-off?


May 24, 2010
Looks like someone took the guts of a PA20A series 2E and put it into a different box.

If it has high-pitched tones, it is definitely a PA20A 2E.
Jul 14, 2010
S.W. Ohio USA
stansdds said:
The paint looks like it was applied with a brush. Maybe it was someone's home built or rebuilt unit? Or perhaps a Chinese knock-off?

Actually, that's just the lighting. The finish is sprayed and doesn't look too bad. The holes are punched and not crude like it was done at home. Guess we will never know.

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