Officer Paul Dunn Memorial Challenge Coin w/ FEVER Discount

Carlos SpicyWeiner

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As many are aware on January 9th we lost a brother, a father, a husband, a Marine, a Florida Gator Fan, a true friend to many, and a community hero in our home city. Officer Paul Dunn spoke so many times of wanting to design a coin and now one is being created in his honor.

We are pre-ordering the coins on March 1. We are giving all money made on these coins to the family. We would also like to ensure that members of his family and his squad are gifted a coin. (My much larger goal would be to raise enough money/sell enough coins that we can give every member of the department a coin. This would be 400 for every member and about 200 for just sworn officers if I elect to just provide their current officers with a coin)

This was originally going to be a local offer only, but we will ship them to anyone wanting one (or more). Additionally, anyone purchasing one can receive a 10% off discount on their order (Elite/Dealers send us a PM we have a deal for you as well). Cost of the coin is $20 shipped.

Shoot us a message and help us honor this hero.

ELB Member Note: You already receive 10% off through your ELB discount but we will bump it to 15% for one purchase.

I've been pretty happy with the response we have gotten. We've even had people buying extra coins for us to just give to his family etc. Thank you all.

Carlos SpicyWeiner

Carlos SpicyWeiner

Platinum Supporter
did they find out what happened? you can pm me

Belief is a vehicle pulled out and cut him off... he avoided contact with the vehicle but lost control of the bike. There is no other reason for him to have gone down in that area.. No leads on the vehicle as it sits.

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