1. zackvv

    zackvv Member

    Whelen 295-HFS9 Remote Head 200w Siren. Used. Homemade wiring harness ( its ugly but it works). Control head has minor damage on the bottom.


    Trade items:
    - R/A cannons (1 pair)
    -W/A cannons (1 pair)
    - Charge Guard
    -Priority Start
    -R/W Fusion 600

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  2. Beachpatrol

    Beachpatrol Newbie

    How much?
  3. zackvv

    zackvv Member

    I have it up for $220.00 shipped , but am open to offers. Shoot me a PM!
  4. zackvv

    zackvv Member

    Price drop
  5. zackvv

    zackvv Member

    Price Drop

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