Outer Edge WeCan on Carbide, Command programming

So, I'm looking at adding an Outer Edge and for the life of me looking at install sheets I have no idea how to wire it to WeCan and program it in Command. I mean, it's pretty simple to use the pinouts and add them to an output module, but if it's WeCan compatible there must be a better way?


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I’m a little confused by your question,

Are you using a WeCan control point?

Or are you using a Whelen siren that is WeCan compatible?

Either way the 3 WeCan wires from the light bar go to the WeCan port on either controller.

Are you sure your outer edge is wecan?
Trying to see how I can add the Outer Edge to a Whelen Carbide that has a WeCan lightbar and a 16 output module currently connected. Don't have the Outer Edge yet, but all the install documents have multiple wires, not just a WeCan connector.


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I don’t believe outer edges are we can, you will have to hook it up to a regular output and possibly have to rewire it so you can have independent control of the light heads if that’s what you want
I am building a Tahoe right now with both Duo Wecan Outter and Pillar edges, so basically the light heads are normal Ions that are set to steady burn. Then it has a cable with the wires for each light head color and ground, you would hook it up to your Carbide outputs or a 16 output expansion module hooked up to the carbide.

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