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May 20, 2010
I recently purchased a set of the 6LED Surface Mount Modules from Pimp and have been testing them out.

They come with 22 flash patterns (well 21- I don't count "off" as a pattern...) and are plenty bright. Also has a low power feature- which is good since these buggers are darn bright. Even with TIR optics this still throws well off axis during testing.

Comes in a brown paper like box. Also has a different company branding on it, but oh well. Lens has plastic film protecting it, and comes with a 3/4 high flange. Good thick aluminium heat sink on the back, and all possible water infiltration points have been properly sealed. Thick gasket included as well.. Oh and very, VERY clean solder points on the boards.

Dislikes: No tab for the screw mounting. Only the flange has mounting holes in it. I've noticed another manufacturer has gone this way as well.. Not a good idea in my opinion. Also, the wires seem a tad flimsy, but I guess with the low current LED's use, its more the adequate.

Overall I am very impressed with these. These will also be mounted soon.. sadly on an interior surface- so they will not be exposed to the elements.

Construction--7.5 (lost marks on the flange "required" mounting)



Over all -8.5

Crappy photo, I know. More photos and video to follow after they are installed.



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May 20, 2010
Have now been on since during the 13th of this month- Only turned them off for 5 hours once during testing... No issues thus far, and I don't see any reason for an issue to arise..

200 hours of 12 volt testing is good for me.


May 16, 2010
200 hours of pretty much straight testing is PLENTY. Who runs lights on any sort of scene for more than 12 or so hours, anyways? I wouldn't think anyone.

Thanks for the review!

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