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For Sale **PRICE DROP** Motorola PM1500 UHF **DUAL HEAD**

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I have, for sale, a UHF dual head Motorola PM1500. I am looking for $575 Shipped OBO. Included is the following:

(1) UHF PM1500 Brain (With power cable)
(2) PM1500 Remote Control Heads (Only 1 has the power cable & Remote head to brain cable)
(1) Control Head Mounting Bracket for Remote Head
(1) Console Mount Mounting Bracket for Remote Head
(2) Motorola XTL style Microphones
(1) Motorola Speaker
(2) Motorola Mic Clips

While this is fully functional and includes everything needed to get at least one head fully functional, to take full advantage of the dual head configuration, one will need to ideally purchase one more Control Head to brain cable, Control Head Power cable & 1 more speaker. All can easily be obtained online. All sales final due to part swapping.

Thank you for looking.


Tom Pringle

Registered Member
would you accept $300? its for a volunteer fire dept. Will this unit do APCO 25? We have an XTL2500 now that is not working properly. Thank you

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