Programming dual color Defender bar

John Smith

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Hey guys, I've got a 2018 Explorer PIU with, among other equipment, a dual color Defender bar. It has R/W and B/W to the front and sides, and R/A and B/A to the rear. It has dedicated takedowns and alleys that are not dual color. The car has a Z3 siren/control panel.

As I understand it, I could have either a basic Z3 siren, or a Z3 siren with Matrix integration. There is absolutely zero vehicle integration to the bar, the sides don't kill with doors, the rear patterns don't change with brakes, the takedowns don't change with high beams, etc. This leads me to believe it does not have Matrix, just a basic Z3. The lightbar is setup pretty poorly right now.

So, how do I go about changing lightbar configuration? I have the appropriate PDF's, but is the lightbar configuration/patterns done via Z3 software, or is it done via changing wires like the old school bars? I know the Z3 software configures what the control panel does, but does it also configure the bar?

Thanks a bunch guys!


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If the siren has been in the car since 2018 it definitely isn’t a Matrix, just a standard Z3. When you look at the Z3 input/outputs, there will be a small port labeled “lightbar”. Is there a cable in it?


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What is stated above. I believe the defender is old enough where it was not designed to be changed via a computer program. It doesn't state anything in the manuals about pattern wires?

John Smith

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I believe you guys are both correct. But to be frank, I probably won't spend much time looking into it, as I got assigned a new car. If I can find the siren box easy enough maybe. The manuals say a lot about patterns/wires, but I wasn't sure if this one would be changed via wiring or computer. But you guys are more than likely correct, it'll be wiring (Which I don't want to mess with too much).

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