RAM 2500 Firefighter POV

Discussion in 'CEVS' started by CEVS, Sep 6, 2015.

  1. CEVS

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    Another simple Firefighter POV install.


    2 - Blue Feniex Cobra T3's (Grille)

    2- White Feniex Cobra T3's (Grille)

    2- Blue/White Feniex Cannons (Fog Lights)

    Customer kept existing dash light for now, which was not on in the videos.


    2 - Blue/White Cannons (Reverse Lights)

    2 - Blue/White Cannons (Cargo Lights)

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  2. pdk9

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    Nice basic install. The only thing I do wish is that he went with a pair of blue T6's instead of blue/clear T3's to maintain the same price range but with a slightly larger footprint (although I really wish that he said "F@#K Low-Pro" and replaced the grill lights & cannons with some new 7x3 widelux  B) )
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  3. crt6mrt-265

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    I was thinking of doing the same, the new wide lux's!! When are they coming out!!!!

    Lighting is nice and basic.  It really depends especially in Jersey, how far your response is, and how much light is really worth it. MOSTLY in Jersey you only respond to the station and if you are in an area where departments are close, a lot of light is not needed all the time just enough to maybe get a response out of motorists. Should work well. What kind of dash light did this customer have?
  4. CEVS

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    The Wide Lux should be out this month.

    The dash light is a mini phantom look alike, not positive of the exact brand. 

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