Recommendation for white strobes for work truck

Discussion in 'Visual Warning Equipment' started by the Tasty Cat, Sep 11, 2017.

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    Hey all - not sure this is the right place to post, so feel free to move if not.

    I'm a contractor who needs to spend a lot of time on shoulders or partially in roadways. Looking for some white strobes to add some visibility/safety. No lightbars or anything big - I was initially thinking white strobes in the headlights and reverse lights but I've also seen what I think are mounted packs of 3 LEDs that are extremely bright (maybe LIN3s?) - anybody have recommendations?

    Thanks a lot!
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    For the price point, Feniex T3 is hard to won't be able to get them to the outer edge of the vehicle like the reverse light would be which is optimal, but with maybe two on the plate and two higher up, you'd have some solid warning. I've used amber ones, never white to be honest.
    But I can attest that the amber will burn your cornea's out..!
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    If also suggest using amber colours instead of white - more so for the rear.

    Feniex t3 is stupid bright, well built and at an amazing price point.

    What type of work truck? If it's a pickup you could mount the t3 under the rear tailgate so it's not obvious when turned off.
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  4. Jarred J.

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    i see your from TN like me...

    flashing headlights is only for emergency vehicles per state law... grill lights and tail lights or a mini bar is all TDOT usually uses so it should be good enough for you
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    Most of the members here will recommend Amber for safety warning, especially for rear-warning. Amber signals ppl to slow down, whereas White used more for front/intersection warning for EVs and can be blinding at night (hence all white lighting is automatically deactivated when fire apparatus as parked/in neutral)

    First off, I know you don't want a lightbar, but a mini lightbar is the best bet for a contractor or utility pickup because it provides 360 warning and doesn't cost you and entire paycheck (whereas it'll cost a lot of money to do a low-profile install that will effectively give you 360 of warning)

    For a clean look, feniex Amber/clear Cannons can go in the reverse lights (steadyburn clear for reverse lights and flash Amber for warning). Amber cannons can be used for fog lights up front, but I prefer lightheads b/c I think they give a larger footprint and fog lights are down low (not the most effective placement for warning). For grill or rear license plate lighting, Amber Feniex fusion 180's would work well (u can also get dual color versions Amber/clear that steadyburn clear for a little extra scene lighting or backup lighting)
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