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Discussion in 'For Sale or Trade: Warning Equipment' started by Newberry13, Jun 25, 2017.

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  1. Newberry13

    Newberry13 Senior Member

    I've become too busy to have time to volunteer with my rescue squad at the pace I used to, so I'm selling my lightbar. I have a Red Whelen Liberty with the following:
    All red LED modules except for 2 rear ambers
    500 series halogen TDs
    MR 16 halogen Alleys
    flashing TDs and alleys
    cruise lights
    2 wire traffic advisor

    I also have enough blue modules to make it half red/blue for the same price. I'd like to get $450 including shipping to the lower 48. I'm willing to ship worldwide for $400 plus actual cost which I will send you a copy of the receipt of. I'm willing to take payment via PayPal or a USPS money order. Thanks for stopping in and looking!

    WIN_20170625_20_13_51_Pro.jpg WIN_20170625_20_14_05_Pro.jpg
  2. Newberry13

    Newberry13 Senior Member

    Still available
  3. Mattdecker

    Mattdecker Member

    Do you have an email to contact you at? Have a friend possibly interested that's not a member.
  4. Newberry13

    Newberry13 Senior Member

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