Repairing a dashlight


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So hopefully this is the right spot for this. One of the guards at my site wasn't paying attention when moving the dashlight from the old pickup to the new (to us) pickup, and the plug was dangling out the door and unfortunately the cigarette plug became mangled. Now, this is already bad, but our brilliant guard had the bright idea he could fix it, so he took what was left of the plug apart, and cut the wires. Then discovered he had neither parts nor any idea about any of this stuff, and simply put ti back in the truck and went home.

So, here I have a light that needs fixin'. I think he might have been on the right track. Replace the plug. But, as it turns out, after some 10-12 years, it's not longer in production, and even the manufacturer says there's no parts left. It's a SoundOff 28 Series/Galls DL106.

So here's what I wanna do, if it's possible. I need a new plug for it, and thought maybe one with a toggle on/off switch. Kinda like this guy. And get a bracket to mount it up. Currently, it's just got some 3M Velcro to hold it down, but I'd like to mount it back up a the top of the windshield again, keep the wipers from blocking the lower half of the lights.

Thanks for any help.


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If it's just the cigarette lighter plug, check eBay for replacement plugs. I'm not familiar with this light, but if it's strobe or LED, it may be polarity sensitive, and if hooked up backwards, may destroy the electronics.

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