Repo Man Arrested After Going After Cop's Car

May 25, 2010
Tunkhannock, PA, USA
It's kinds smells of bull-shittery to me... The only reason that the warrant was issued was because the complaintaint was a police officer... Sucks for the repo guy... It does only give one side of the story, but that's only because the officer didn't want to speak to the media. That also makes the whole situation iffy to me...


May 20, 2010
Centre County, PA
crescentstar69 said:
Bitch oughta pay her bills instead of bustin' his balls.....................

I agree, just pay your bill and this won't happen. Instead she decided to use her position to get back at the guy who was just doing his job.

Also, those cars look a little.....flamboyant....and why is the "i" in Police lowercase? POLiCE? Really?

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