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My collection no longer brings me any joy, sad to say. They just don't mean to me what they used to. So I am looking to sell it, but as a whole. I just don't have the time or energy to sell each individual piece. The collection is located in Northern Virginia, and will need to be picked up in person. I will not/cannot ship, and I can't travel (things aren't going to well for me currently). It's a relatively small collection compared to many others, and there's nothing earth-shattering or particularly amazing about it - they're all fairly standard, run-of-the-mill items. But it would be a great starting point for someone, or if you have the time and patience to break it up and sell each piece individually, even better. Here's a list of what's included in my collection:

FS Vista strobe bar, 12 strobes, Meteor TCL center, red/clear/blue (w/brackets)
FS Vector, 5 rotator w/fast center, td/rf/al, red/clr/blue (w/brackets)
Whelen Edge 9000, 12 strobe? td/al, all blue (w/brackets)
S&W 8884, 4 rotator, 100w siren spkr, td/rf/al, red/red (w/brackets)
FS Streethawk, 4 rotator, front/rear flashers, red/blue (w/brackets)
Code3 MX7000, fast center rotator, intersection sweepers, td/al, blue/clear/blue
Star/SWS/Trucklite 4 360° strobe bar, amber/amber/amber

Whelen Responder DX 2 strobe, magnet, amber
Whelen Responder DX, dual rotator, magnet, green
Whelen Responder DX, dual rotator, perm, clear dome w/red+blue filters
Whelen Respond-a-strobe, dual rotator w/PAR36 strobe, magnet, red
Whelen Respond-a-strobe (PAR36 strobe replaced with steady burn?), magnet, red
Whelen Responder II, smaller (early) rotators, perm, green*
Whelen Responder II, larger (later) rotators, perm, red*
*extra: Whelen Responder II clear dome
SVP DynaLite Jr., dual rotator, red*
*extra: SVP DynaLite Jr. green dome
FS Aerodynic model 22 "mini", 4 synchronized rotator, red/clear ("candy cane") (w/brackets)
FS HighLighter, dual rotator, magnet, clear dome w/red+blue filters
FS Vector "mini", fast center rotator, magnet, red/clear/red

Sho-Me/Galls Street Lightning deck strobes, self-contained, 3 pattern, pair, blue/blue
Code3 SlickStik, sweepers & strobes, red/blue
Code3 DeckBlaster single strobe, split red/blue
Whelen dual DashMaster strobe, self-contained, red/blue
Whelen single DashMaster strobe, self-contained, blue
Whelen dual DashMiser strobe, self-contained, blue/blue
Whelen single DashMiser strobe, self-contained, amber
Tomar dual halogen flasher, home-made?, blue
Tomar MicroStrobe beacon, magnet, purple
Code3/Galls Street Lightning strobe beacon, magnet, green
Whelen/SignalStat "313" strobe beacon, magnet, amber
Whelen grille strobes, remote, perm, blue (x2)
Code3 "500" 100w rotating beacon, perm, red (2x)
Code3 "500" single sealed beam rotating beacon, magnet, amber
FS Firebeam dual speed rotator, w/multiflash reflector, magnet, amber, blue, black domes
Code3 DashLaser rotator w/multiflash reflector, magnet, blue
SVP Hot Shot II rotator, w/multiflash reflector, magnet, blue
Premier Hazard (UK) 880M single rotator, magnet, blue (larger version of Code3 DashLaser)
SVP "pancake" single rotator, with cloth flash shield, magnet, amber
Whelen Responder Cadet, larger rotator version, magnet, black snap-on shield, red
Whelen CR212 dual-speed rotator, magnet, snap-on shield, amber
Whelen RB6P single rotator, perm, amber
FS/Vama 5" strobe beacon, remote, perm, red
FS/Vama strobe/cruise light for BMW police motorcycles, remote, perm, blue
Hella KL 7000 single rotator, DIN pole mount, amber
Grote "volunteer" teardrop rotator, magnet, amber
Tripp-Lite MR-3 teardrop rotator, magnet, red
FS FireBall FB1, 1961 model, magnet, amber
FS QuadraFlare QL64XF LED surface mount light, perm, amber
Abrams StarEye 4" Class 1 LED beacon, magnet, blue

Like I said, nothing truly incredible in it, but it's still a healthy collection. I have a number in mind, but I don't want to limit myself or scare anyone off if someone local or somewhat close by makes a decent offer for all of it.

Please don't message me to ask for individual items or to call dibs on anything if I change my mind... it's not going to happen. I just want it all gone in one shot.

The photo I'm attaching is old and doesn't show everything in the list.
It is really too bad you aren't close, you have a ton of stuff I have been looking for, for a while! I'd buy the whole lot just to have a few of those items.


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Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am contemplating picking up Nik's collection as I'm close geographically. Likely would part out most of it.

If your interested in a particular piece(s) please PM me so I can Figure out whether I can make this work on my end.



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Ladies and Gentlemen,

I've reached out to Nik after multiple people have PMed me... Still waiting on a response back as to whether we can strike a deal.

I'll advise as soon as I have more information.


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Ladies and Gentlemen,

I've reached out to Nik after multiple people have PMed me... Still waiting on a response back as to whether we can strike a deal.

I'll advise as soon as I have more information.
Did you get the collection? Interested in the dash masters dual and misers.
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