Skip Goulet has passed

Jarred J.

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Dang we lost a good one.. so many elightbars deaths in the past few months..

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My thoughts and prayers go out to his friends and family.
I had a few long running conversation threads with Skip and he will be missed.


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Damn.....I was wondering where he was for a bit. Shoot....

RIP, Skip.....say hi to John Dorgan for us while y'all are up there :(.


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Sorry to Say I didnt Know the Man, Sounds Like a Great Guy... and Of course while i was reading the Posts guess what shows up in the ads to the right ------>>

A amazon ad for The Wonderful World of Robert Goulet... Crazy...


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I haven’t been on here in a couple months. Me and Skip we’re emailing back an forth. He wanted to buy my C5 from me. It was always nice to be able to correspond with an old timer like that. Seems like he didn’t have much family. I know he mentioned to me that his church bought him a van to drive around. These young people get everything paid for by the government but the old folks get shafted.... it’s wrong.

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