Spotlight assembly?


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I just got a box of Unity spotlights in. I believe they're all for 98+ CVPIs. I haven't messed with one in forever...
Anyways, I tried to re-assemble a few. They are all broken down in 3 parts:
1. Main light head attached to shaft
2. Chrome shaft 'cover' with pillar mounting flange
3. Handle
Not sure what I am doing wrong, but the only way I can get the handle on is flipping the chrome cover so the mounting flange is backwards? & when I put the handle on & tighten down the 3/8" head bolt, the handle is still loose on the shaft & I can't get the light head to rotate via the handle.
I tried 3-4 different light heads, shaft covers & handles & they all do this, so I'm convinced it's me :) What am I doing wrong?


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Since they are for Crown Victorias the bracket should be backwards. It mounts in position we call inside post. The brackets mounts inside of the vehicle on the post. That would put it backwards to standard post mount spotlights. Both the spotlight and the mounting hardware are custom fit for Crown Vic.

The outer chrome tube was removed from the light because when it installs into the vehicle the tube is attached from the inside then the light is slide into the tube from the outside of the vehicle then the handle is secured.

Crown Victoria spotlights have flats milled onto the intermediate tube of the spotlight. The wedge needs to line up with the flat for the handle to properly be secured. There are also two keys inside of the handle that need to line up with slots on the shaft. One key is right at the opening in the handle where the shaft goes into and the other is deeper inside the handle on the gear. You can see the gear move when you looked into the handle and rotate the grip.

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