Ss2000 siren, Whelen inner edge


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I have a federal cuda T/A with a smart siren and would like to switch out the cuda with an 8 head inner edge.
Inner edge has a left trigger, right trigger and both together are center out. It also has a warning light trigger.

Is this doable?
I’m figured it best to ask experienced guys before I start hacking thing up for nothing.



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It’s possible, but you won’t actually use the TA controller in the Smart Siren. Just use two of the Smart Siren auxiliary outputs to run the Inner Edge.


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Thanks for the reply.
Does something like this seem possible?....
They are both 8 head and neg switched ...

Would it work if I unplugged the inner edge flasher and spiced the federal 8 wire cord directly to the head, of course in the correct order....

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