STALKER ATR Radar Gun Hardwiring Question...

Hello, I’m seeking some info as to whether or not it’s possible to hardwire one of these units vs. using the battery-pack handle?

If so, does anyone know what order (positive, negative, etc) the 3 leads on the bottom-side of these units?

I’m thinking about picking up one of these; however it does not include a battery-pack handle... and I’d actually prefer not having the handle on it; just hardwire it into the vehicle, mount on the dash, and go.

Thanks in advance!!

Jarred J.

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If you know voltage use a voltmeter to determine polarity....


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Theres an ATR hardwire kit that was available that you may be able to still source - second hand surplus. It consisted of a flat plug that slid into the radar gun and that connected to a communication box and then into a cig lighter. Heres mine. The com box also communicated with the remote control and additional display unit.


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