Announcement Startup Period for Dealer Sections Ending

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The response to the dealer sections has been really positive. I'm pleased to say we have ten dealers signed up or in the process. Currently any dealer with a Silver Level Membership or higher can still request a section. That means for $15 a year dealers can have a home section on the only forum for the industry. We now have a really good base group of dealers participating, but future space is limited. Any inquiries received after March 1st will be required to have Platinum Level Membership (current participants are grandfathered in for a year). Dealers applying after March 1st will also be screened for what products they carry vs. our current group of participants.

I am pleased to offer this service to dealers and moreover the community. Paid services like thi help keep the majority of the end user features free. Thanks for your interest.

John Marcson
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