Strobes N More E66 Light, Possible power issues?


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I recently purchased the mentioned light bar, and I have a FORD Taurus Police Interceptior which has a extra Power wire left in the front end for additional lights. Before this strobes n more light bar, I had a SpeedTechlights one but had to replace it due to water damage issues.

So the SnM E66 comes with several colored wires, red/Black being the standard. Per their instruction the red and purple when wired together with the black as negative are to give you a warning output, the other color wires give you directional and amber which I don't care about. However, despite all this when I wire red/purple and negative appropriately the light flickers or blinks in red/blue and nothing after. (I AM NOT WIRING THE + and - TOGEHTER TO MAKE IT CLEAR). I attempted testing it in my personal car and nothing. I managed to get it to power on and flash in warning mode twice, once in my personal car powering it over a cigarette lighter port and then another time in my Taurus, causing it to flash warning mode... but as soon as I disconnect it stops. I contacted Strobes n More via facebook and they stated I must run the red to direct power (battery) and purple to the existing wire in the car, which I did.... but despite this, nothing happens... the light bar flickers real quick and stops.

I am about to send the light back due to it appearing to be defective, it even blew one of my fuses on my cigarette port which is a 15AMP port and the light is measured at 5 according to Strobes n More.

Anyone had issues with SnM lights before?


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Defintely sounds like it's in the bar issue. If it's still under warranty go that route. Their process is super easy. I've on had to RMA on item from them but It was smooth transaction.
I just installed my SnM E66 dual color bar today and mine works beautifully. Sounds like a defect should be a simple send back and they will test yours and replace accordingly. Very good light company and they are very prompt.

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