Strobesnmore EFLOOD 7560


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Title/Name of item - Strobes n more EFLOOD 7560 WARNING

Manufacturer - Strobesnmore USA

Link to product from MFR. -

Why I got it - For a boat project/playtoy that will be used mostly at night with the secondary application for water rescue.  I have purchased 2 SNM EFLOOD 4200 warning lights previously and have had good experience so far with the brand. 

Price paid - $119.99 plus free shipping for being an elb member. 

Description - (From the MFR)  The Strobes N More EFLOOD7560 is an incredibly bright 7560 lumen flood light in a di-cast aluminum housing built to withstand the toughest environments. A heavy-duty job required a tough light and with an all aluminum housing di-cast housing, stainless steel mounting hardware, and PMMA durable lens these lights were built to last. The 3-watt Cree LEDs are built on a vibration resistant LED board so they will take a beating and not let you down. At less than 7 inches wide and less than 4 inches deep these lights pack quite a punch in a small housing. The adjustable stainless steel mounting bracket allows full up/down and side/side mounting options. Use these lights anywhere extra light output is needed.

• Die-cast aluminum housing, good appearance, wear-resistance and anti-corrosion.
• Special heat sink design to dissipate heat rapidly, longer life span and more reliability.
• IP67 full protection grade design, the lamp can work under water and any severe environment.
• DC power supply system, this lamp can be adapted to any vehicle, ship and fieldwork environment.
• Super Bright Next Generation light source, the light effect is up to 90Lm/w and the life span is more than 30000H.
• Stainless steel material is adopted for all hard parts of this lamp, which make it sturdy, durable, hard to anticorrosive.
• Luminous Flux: 7560Lm
• Full 72 watts of output power.
• Can operate on 9-32 volts DC
• Working Temperature:-45 ~55°C
• Life Span: ≥50000Hours
• Color Temperature: 6500K
• White box: 1pcs/BOX.
• Weight: 3 Lb.

Results -

Packing/shipping - Item was purchased 4th of July weekend.  Packaging was excellent.  Light was in its own box with foam surrounding it which was inside a larger box packed with foam peanuts. 

Ratings                (1 = poor, 5 = expected, 10 = very cool)

Usefulness 8       Does what it does pretty well.  Spot throws about 125ft and flood gives wide area light at about 75ft.

Innovation 5        Nothing fancy other than the spot flood combo.  Nice that each function is wired separately.
Appearance 6     Size is a bit big for mounting on the front of a vehicle but would be great mounted on a pole or roof of a rescue apparatus. 

Quality 9              Only plastic on the light is the lens and the inner reflectors. Stainless hardware is a nice touch, and powder coated aluminum body should last.  Sealed well.

Price 6                 Not bad compared to the prices from competing MFRs.  Appx. .015 cents a lumen.

After tinkering with it I found that the frosted "flood" optics were snap in and could be removed turning the entire head into a gigantic spot light....see the results below.  This will probably void any warranty so I wouldn't recommend it  

The shed in the following pics is about 125ft away with trees behind it at 150ft.  The garage wall is 40ft in length by 9ft tall.

From Factory...

Half spot

1x spot.jpg1x spot right.jpg

Half flood

1x flood.jpg1x flood right.jpg

Spot/flood together

spot flood.jpgspot flood right.jpg

After removing the frosted flood optic inserts resulting in 2x the spot.

2x spot.jpg2x spot right.jpg
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Great review.

Compared to other Mfg's area lighting these are an excellent value.

Do you have any ideas how would you mount them on a telescoping pole, (as in a fire apparatus)?

From what I can see they only have side mounting brackets for a flat for Roll Bar type mount.


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You would have to fab up an adapter and bracketry.  The heads are about the size of the old brown 500w halogen heads that were popular in the 80s-90s.  Heres a pic of them mounted on PVC pipe.  20150817_153113.jpg
The pictures you showed were only using 1 light though correct?

I think I'm going to grab one, though the flood seems centered a bit more down in front than I'd prefer, would rather it have more horizontal spread. But for the price and ability to go back and forth, I like it.


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Yes. The demo pics were done using 1 lighthead sitting on a level picnic table about 3ft off the ground. If they were mounted 6+ feet from ground the flood would spread out better I think.

I'm currently fabbing up pole mounts to use in the steak pockets of my truck.
Got mine today, they were back ordered. Seems well made though admit I wasn't expecting the style plug that comes on there, figured it'd be bare wires. I'll prob hack it off so I can test it out before install :)


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Mine had a full destch connector with about a foot of cable after that with bare ends. Did you only get half the connector?
One end on the light though the back plug may not be fully on. Other terminal and pins unassembled in a small bag. Would have liked the way you are saying better


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Yeah the destch style connectors are nice. Waterproof and quick disconnect for maintainence, hard to find replacement parts for in a pinch though. If they weren't already assembled on the heads I recv'd I would've likely done the hack'em off and find a different power connection option.


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Posting an update. We (my dept.) are looking to possibly replace our worn out 240v 1500w 4 head roof mounted Wel-bilt Nightscan light tower with these. So as a demo I took one head and put all of the frosted optic thingys in it. I will be comparing a 7560 full flood (which I see SNM now offers as well), vs. a 7560 full spot, vs. 1500w 240v Hubbell QL-1500 floodlight.

Following pics taken 02-22-16
Entire 7560 with flood optics
20160222_234026.jpg 20160222_234059.jpg

entire head spot optics.
20160222_233949.jpg 20160222_233958.jpg

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