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Shawn L

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I was thinking that the premium listings are sort of redundant at this point, since that was a perk that was extended to the paying members, how about a feature that will automaticicaly relist an item for a paid subscribing member?

you could have the number of posts that auto relist based on the level of subscription, IE :

10 posts for a Silver member

20 Posts for a Gold member

30 posts for a Platinum member

just an idea I think it would help generate $$ for the site as well as make it easier for the people to keep  their posts at the top


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I recently added some tags / prefixes for the sales and wanted sections.  Paid members get more options as far as what prefixes and where..  I am considering some structure options within the sales section.  There are a lot of little changes that will make the sales side more usable coming in the next few weeks.  I need to watch the trends for a little longer before making any additional formatting changes.  As far as auto relist or post number features, we can look at them, but not yet.

The Premium section has been turned into a section where premium members can post their items in one post.  Anyone Silver and higher can now post all their items in one thread in the premium section.  I have added some prefixes as well.

5/20/15- A few permissions issues were worked out with the new premium section, all silver members can now post and add pictures in sufficient quantity.
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  • The premium classifieds have been converted into a member store section where each member gets one "home sale thread", or "member store".  Silver level and above may post as many items as they like in that single thread.
  • Prefixes have been added to the sales sections for all users.  You can search for items by Prefix by clicking on any prefix tag you see.
  • Prefixes have been added to the wanted section for Silver level members and above.  Standard members will default to the generic "wanted" prefix.
  • Several attention getting (different colored) global prefixes are available for use by Silver level and above.  These can be used to run promotions on items or denote a lowered price.
  • Feedback prefixes have been added for all members to label and sort deals by type and rating.

In process

  • The volumes are still being studied.
  • Additional prefixes and sorting features are being considered and developed.
  • Google search will be added to the forum.
  • Additional sections/categories are being discussed.
  • Item/post promotion features are now possible and being researched.  
  • Feedback improvements and grouping options are in early planning stages.

What users can do to help

  • Use prefixes when available.  This will help sort the items and makes your item easier to locate.
  • Group multiples of the same item into one thread, i.e. six identical power strobe heads should be one thread.  See the 
  • Please continue to report problems and concerns.
  • Please be patient.  There is flexibility built in to this transition, don't be afraid to ask for help or accommodations. 
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